Welcome to DecideToChange


What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching helps you re-evaluate where you are now, priorities where you want to be and maps out the steps to get you there. It's also a journey of self exploration where you have the opportunity to explore what gets in the way......

Why don't I get that really important thing done?

Why am I still doing a job that I am unmotivated by?

Why am I still in a relationship that I know is not working for me?

Why do I accept behaviour from others that I know is unacceptable?


The challenges you are currently facing may be related to work, family, relationships, finance, health etc...

Maybe you already know you need to make some changes in your life but you're not sure where you need make the changes or how. Or perhaps you know what you want to change but you're not sure what to do to get there.

The reality is, change can be daunting and difficult which can lead to Procrastination.


What is Procrastination?

Its the putting things off, delaying or deferring an action to a later date. Procrastination not only prevents achieving goals, but often involves feelings of guilt, inadequacy, stress, anger towards self and even depression.


Decide to Change provides you with the tools to:

build on existing strengths; replacing obstacles and fears with encouragement and self belief.

make better and more effective decisions in a safe and supportive environment.

Establish tangible goals then helps you move towards them.

Gain clarity on why your life is currently the way it is and help you establish how to make it better.

Grow as a person and create a healthy life balance that is right for you.

Allowing you to take control of your life and create situations where:

You feel energized and focused.

You feel more confident, focused, fulfilled and inspired.

You can see redundancy as a fantastic opportunity to do something new.

You attract more fun, humour and success to your life.

You become more financially stable

You’re living a healthier lifestyle.

“There are a thousand reasons why you can’t get what you want but always a way that you can.”

Helping you Grow into the person you want to be.




How can Coaching help me?

We all have the power within us to be creative managers of our lives but often we limit ourselves by the way we think and act - yet we don't realise we're doing it.


The Coaching process helps you to see and understand these barriers and patterns of behaviour. This new awareness makes it easy  to let go of what is no longer working,enabling an increase in confidence and self belief. This helps you see new possibilities for yourself and your future.