My style is holistic and blends traditional Life Coaching with elements of NLP and CBT in the context of personal development.


My passion is people and learning. What you will experience will enhance and develop your existing skills, with the aim of you achieving your goals.


My Approach is to focus on all areas of your life – physical, emotional, spiritual etc...          I use a variety of tools to help you to explore areas that could be holding you back, and explore how you would like your life to progress.


The changes I help clients to make include overcoming ingrained patterns of thinking and behaviour.


I have previous experience as a counsellor (to Diploma level), this then led me on to specialise as a Bereavement Counsellor with Cruse.


I want to help you plan a better more inspiring, more fullfilling life
than the one you are currently living.

Sandra Seruwagi

L Coach.Dip/NLP Master Practitioner

Registered member of National UK Therapists - SFTR


“I know that helping people

overcome their barriers and

believe in what they can

achieve is my purpose.”