I  would like to recommend A Life Coach for everyone.

It does feel like 'An Indulgent Therapy' that Ii think we all need sometimes with the pace of life as it is.

Coaching gave me the 5 minutes I needed in my hectic life to make sure I was happy with things - My work, my family, my husband, my friendships, my confidence. The list is endless...


It gave me 'Time Out' from scrambling along, to stop and think about where I was heading and why and realise that I am not getting it all wrong.

Coaching is 'Relaxed Therapy'

Debbie D - Head of Production 



“I feel encouraged supported, motivated and totally in control - I don't feel Sandra has an agenda about what I should or should not be doing or the "right" way to do it. It’s up to me to figure it out - but it is much easier having her as a guide for the process.”
Susan M - Market Research Consultant

"Following my session with Sandra I began to be more organised in my approach to resolving the mess that was going on in my mind. Using her techniques she helped to iron out the deep rooted emotions that were causing much negativity. I learnt to cope with life in a new positive light; the outcome has been simply astonishing!"
Angela S – Reflexologist

“For a long time I was drifting through life feeling un-motivated. I was so uncertain about what I wanted, why and how to achieve it. I found having a Personal Life Coach gave me the structure I needed. Now I feel so much more focused, energized and enthusiastic"
Sue F - London